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MISTLETOE - Protection, Divination, Love

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Mistletoe, 1 oz, organic

Workings: Protection, Love, Hunting, Fertility, Health Rituals, Exorcism, To activate and awaken, Business Matters, Consecrate and bless, Defensive Magick, Divination, Dream work, Success, Reveal Secrets, Underworld, Working with Spirits

Magical Associations:
Element: Air
Planet: Sun
Gender: Masculine
Deities: Apollo, Freya, Frigga, Venus, Odin, Zeus

Also known as All Heal, Devil's Fuge, Golden Bough, Wood of the Cross, Witches Broom

Scientific Name: Viscum album
Origin: Croatia

Mistletoe has historically been associated with peace; According to legend, any enemy who stepped under mistletoe was required to lay down their arms and declare a truce until the next day. Mistletoe was also thought to be the "golden bough" written about in the Aenid by Virgil.

Kissing under the mistletoe is a winter tradition that began with the Greek festival of Saturnalia, celebrated in late December. The Druids believed that mistletoe protected its possessors from misfortune and used it as an aphrodisiac, an antidote for poison, and to bestow long life and fertility.

In Norse mythology, Balder, the son of Odin, was killed by an arrow made of a mistletoe branch shot by the Norse trickster Loki, who knew that this was the one tree that Balder's mother Frigga had not enchanted to do her son no harm.


Sold in a closable polypropylene bag, listing is for 1 oz (PP - polypropylene bags are recycle number 5) Sold as curio. Results are never guaranteed. External use only.

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Maryann B

Perfect! Cant wait to start using! Thank you!

Jenny F

Great quality herb, exactly what I needed. Thank you! 💖

Sarah B

Great quality and I LOVE that packaging.

Dave G

'5 stars review from Dave'

Johanna H

'5 stars review from Johanna'