How I Got Here...

You might want to grab a cup of tea and a muffin; this might take a minute.

I've been a soap and candle maker for the past 30 years.

Before I started Moonworks Apothecary I owned an online candle business. My candle business produced a business where I sold fragrance and essential oils to other candle and soap makers.

While using the oils for candle making, I started making my own ritual oils and this is how Moonworks came to be.

Moonworks Apothecary was started as an online website, and I opened a shop on Etsy in 2010. I offered the spell oils that I used daily in my own spiritual practices along with hand rolled herbal beeswax candles and a few herbs.

I quit selling on Etsy for a few years to participate in my sons' school and sporting events. After my kids were grown, I opened an Etsy shop and website named The Torch and Key where I sold spell oils, candles and herbs.

Over the years my practices and businesses have evolved. I've had many mentors and teachers that have taught me so much and for that I'm very grateful.

I have worked with a local paranormal group as a medium and tarot reader and was introduced to reiki and received my first-degree attunement in 1996.

I’m a solitary, eclectic practitioner and I work with the energies of nature and the elements. I venerate my ancestors and a few special deities.

I am the only employee at Moonworks Apothecary. I have a dedicated shop at my home where I am the website creator, alchemist, packer, shipper, customer service rep and designer of my product labels.

I'm also a passionate genealogist. I've learned a lot about my family's history and have an understanding of why I'm drawn to certain places and things.

Thank you for hanging around this long, if I can help you with anything, feel free to reach out.

Welcome to Moonworks Apothecary!



About the potions...

The potions are made with traditional and proprietary recipes using 100% pure essential oils and absolutes which are purchased directly from the manufacturer and distilled by a chemist.

I don't use dyes or glitter in the oils, any coloring is naturally made from the herbs, minerals and essential oils. I stay close to nature to harness the energy of the plant.

I dilute each blend with either fractionated coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil and I use distilled water, witch hazel, alcohol and salt in the sprays.