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BRIGIDS FLAME OIL - Children, Women, Arts

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I have 2 oils for Brigid. This one represents the fire aspect, her sacred flame and hearth.

The herbs used are chamomile, bramble (blackberry), dandelion, broom, heather, frankincense and cinnamon.

All essential oils in this blend are energetically connected to this aspect of her. It smells like her hearth and flame, protective and magickal.

She looks after children, assists in childbirth, inspires creativity and music.

She encourages us to speak our truth and brings balance.

Goddess of the Sacred Flame, Flame of Inspiration, the Forge, and the Hearth, Lady of the Healing Waters, 'The Exhalted One', 'The Bright One'

Also known as: Brid, Brighid, Bride, Bridget, Saint Bridget, Brigit and is known as the mother goddess of Ireland.

Symbols: fire, cauldron, candles, Brigid's cross, sunrise, corn dolls, eternal flame, well, mantle

Colors: white, green, red, yellow
Elements: Fire and water

Number: 19


Saint Brigid is invoked for fertility issues, healing, prosperity and protection.

Patron to: women, dairy workers, milk maids, babies, blacksmiths, midwives, travelers, fugitives, chicken farmers and those whose parents aren't married.

Attributes: lamp, candle, shepherds crook

Colors: yellow and gold (Catholic tradition) and purple (Vodou)
Feast Day: February 1 - 2
Day: Sunday
Numbers: 3, 9, 19
Sacred animals: cow, pig, white snake, linnet bird

Offerings: milk, blackberries, Irish beer and ale, corn and oats

In Haiti she is known as La Grande Brigitte or Maman Brigitte.

Once Haitian refugees carried her veneration to New Orleans she was known as Mother Brigid. Mother Brigid is invoked for justice and to protect children, especially if they are in the military.


External use only. Sold as curio. Results are never guaranteed.  Store away from heat, Keep away from children and pets. Always do a skin patch test.

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Tawnya P

Love this, very good for protection!

Melissa F

'5 stars review from Melissa'

Zelma A

I am very particular about oils.
This item exceeded all my expectations.
It arrived quickly and I'd definitely buy from this seller again.

Courtney T

I breezed through this treasure-trove-shop, like a greedy child in the candy store!!! Each of these delicious oils were beautifully wrapped and arrived astonishingly quickly. I cracked open the box and immediately put the powerful, lovingly created oils to use. Much Love, Light & Gratitude!!!

Ask A Hippie

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