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Moonworks Apothecary

BLOCK BUSTER OIL - Remove Blocks, Open Up Opportunity

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Bust through old energies so that you can move forward to new opportunities.

Clear seen and unseen blocks, emotional debris and stagnant energy so that you obtain your goals, dreams and opportunities.

If you have felt like you are being held down and closed off from moving forward, Block Buster oil can tear through barriers.

Contains ingredients to bust through and remove.


External use only. Sold as curio. Results are never guaranteed.  Store away from heat, Keep away from children and pets. Always do a skin patch test.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Stacy H

Everything was perfection once again! Thank you!

Ana M

Happy with my purchase!

Stef M

Very strong , I felt the first time using it on candle! Highly recommend this seller!

Elena K

High quality & fast delivery, which I love. Purchased this to use on candle spells. Product is sealed & packaged properly so no worries with shipping & receiving worries.

Shannon Bell B

'5 stars review from Shannon'